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What are home care services?

Home care covers a wide range of services that allows any person who needs assistance in their day-to-day life to stay in their home. People that require home care services may include seniors who need assistance to live independently, people managing chronic illness or disability, and those who need short-term assistance after a medical event. We understand that taking care of yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming, which is why it is important to choose an agency that will tend to your specific care needs.

Here at Assist-Med Inc. we begin our services by discussing with our clients and their medical care providers their assistance requirements. We then create a care plan that contains the types and levels of care suitable to address their needs. Once your needs have been established, one of our trained Supervisors will meet with you to finalize your personal care plan and preferences to begin assigning you with a compatible caregiver.

Our care professionals are well-experienced in working with clients with different needs and have undergone training in various daily living assistance and personal care services. Assist-Med Inc.’s employees are screened and undergo multiple background checks prior to being hired and have monthly re-screening’s.

Look below to read about the services we provide. Click here or call us to make an appointment with one of our care coordinators to see what assistance plan will work best for you. If you know someone who would benefit from our services click here to make a referral.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming Assistance

Personal hygiene can become difficult to maintain for many reasons. Illness, disability, or age can cause decreased strength, stamina, cognitive abilities, balance, and muscle control which will make dressing and grooming habits harder to keep up. You, or your loved one, may have trouble buttoning their shirt, keeping a steady hand while shaving, or holding their arm up high enough to brush their teeth.

Maintaining regular hygiene habits is essential for physical health and self-esteem. Those with poor personal grooming habits are at an increased risk for infections and other illnesses. A lack of self-care will decrease someone’s confidence in their ability to fulfill other daily task and form relationships.
Below are examples of some of the personal hygiene and grooming activities our company can assist with:

  • Oral care
  • Hair care
  • Nail care
  • Shaving
  • Skin care
  • Getting in and out of the shower
  • Getting dressed

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing a noticeable decline in physical hygiene or are spending an abnormal amount of time on hygiene and grooming tasks then home care assistance can give you the tools you, or your loved one, need to stay clean, neat, and healthy. Assist-Med Inc.’s caregivers are trained to provide personal hygiene and grooming assistance with care and dignity.

Mobility and Ambulation Assistance

Some people may need assistance moving throughout their home. This includes sitting or lying down, getting up, changing positions, and balancing while walking. A lot of physical strain is put on a caregiver when they are assisting someone moving about. Without proper training, they may injure themselves or the person they are helping. So, it can be very dangerous for an inexperienced person to provide mobility and ambulation assistance. Our caregivers are trained on how to safely provide assistance to someone at any level of mobility.

It is important to keep moving as much as you can. Safe, healthy movement will prolong current mobility and independence as well as improve recovery after a medical event. Exercise is associated with improved immune function, mental health, and cognitive function. Even if you, or your loved one, have very low mobility, light exercises, such as head rotations and arm raises, ease pain and help prevent bedsores. Our caregivers are trained to provide the following services for our clients:

  • Help moving around the home
    • Sitting down
    • Getting up
    • Balancing while walking
  • Help getting in and out of mobility equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, scooters)
  • Assistance performing prescribed movement and exercise

With the right support, someone with low mobility can maintain or even improve their strength, flexibility, and dexterity. Assist-Med Inc.’s caregivers can give you, or your loved one, the help you need to be as active and mobile as you can be.

Accompaniment and Assistance for Medical Visits and Errands

Low mobility and other physical health issues adds a great deal of complexity to attending appointments on time and completing routine errands. You, or your loved one, may be unable to drive or safely walk to your destination and arranging for other methods of transportation that meet your needs can be a complicated, time-consuming endeavor. However, missing appointments can lead to health issues getting worse or going undiagnosed. Meanwhile, not being able to complete routine errands will limit you or your loved one’s independence and ability to live at home.

A caregiver can provide companionship and advocacy during medical appointments and errands, or run errands for you or your loved one. Assist-Med Inc.’s caregivers can provide the following services:

  • Transportation arrangement
  • Accompaniment for errands
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Waiting with client at medical appointments
  • Performing errands like shopping and laundry

A reliable companion will alleviate the stress of travel, medical appointments, and completing errands. Our company will provide a dependable escort for wherever you, or your loved one, need to go.

Light Housekeeping

If someone is unable to reach high places, stand for long periods of time, and lift objects they are going to face difficulties keeping their house clean, organized, and safe. An unclean environment invites many health hazards into your home, especially for the elderly and disabled. Clutter around the home becomes a tripping hazard, dust accumulates and becomes an allergen, and surfaces that aren’t properly cleaned can become breeding grounds for pests and bacteria.

Our caregivers can provide light housekeeping services such as:

  • Putting clothes in washer and dryer
  • Folding and putting clothes away
  • Doing the dishes
  • Changing bed linens
  • Tending to houseplants
  • Wiping and dusting surfaces

Simple housekeeping tasks done regularly like wiping down kitchen counters and changing bed linens go a long way towards keeping you, or your loved one, dignified and healthy. Our caregivers will give you the help you, or your loved one, need to keep your house safe and clean.

Meal Preparation

There are many steps that go into meal preparation that we can take for granted. Those with cognitive impairments may struggle to create a meal plan and grocery lists while someone with physical limitations can struggle to prepare and cook food without accidently cutting or burning themselves. Illnesses like diabetes and heart disease can add an additional layer of complexity by requiring you or your loved one to change typical eating behaviors.

Even if someone is eating enough calories, they can still suffer from malnutrition if they’re not eating a balanced diet. Malnutrition is defined as a lack of essential nutrients like fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Undernourished people are more likely to suffer from cognitive decline, infections, and physical ailments.

Assist-Med Inc.’s caregivers can provide assistance with food preparation at every step of the way. Our company provides services to help with:

  • Planning meals
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Preparing food
  • Cooking/Reheating food
  • Cleaning up after meals and food prep

Seniors, people with disability, and those recovering from a medical event need to take special care to maintain healthy eating habits. Our company’s meal preparation services will give you the assistance you need to have nutritious, home-cooked meals every day.

Medication Reminders

Many people have difficulty remembering to take their medication properly. Those with short-term memory loss or other forms of cognitive decline will face additional hurdles taking the correct dosage of medication at the correct time. If someone has forgotten when or if a certain medication was taken, they may end up taking multiple doses or skipping their medication. Improper administration can lead to medication being ineffective or even dangerous.

Prescribed medications may also require specific storage such as refrigeration in order to not become spoiled and lose their efficacy. Our home care providers are trained to check and take notice of medication that has expired or not been stored correctly. Assist-Med Inc.’s caregivers can make sure you, or your loved one, are taking any needed medications as prescribed and that medications are being stored properly.


An often-overlooked need for seniors, those with disability, and those recovering from a medical event is companionship. Someone with low mobility, who is homebound, or has low cognitive function may find it difficult to socialize. Loneliness is highly linked to depression, cognitive decline, and worse outcomes for physical health problems. Regular, positive social interactions have huge benefits for people of all ages. Companionship alleviates loneliness and can help people form other strong, positive relationships within their community.

Assist-Med Inc., hires compassionate, empathetic caregivers who can provide our clients with conversation and friendship while assisting them around the home. If you, or your loved one, have any special communication needs we make sure to provide a caregiver who can meet them.

caregiver and an elderly couple chatting