Healthy Eating Tips for Your Senior Loved One


As seniors age, their bodies need extra care and attention. One thing that is often overlooked is the food they eat. As primary caregivers to your senior loved ones, you must ensure their diet is healthy. Eating well can make all the difference in how they feel.

As a certified adult day care in Texas, we’ve listed some healthy eating tips you can do for your senior loved one:

  • Keep them hydrated

    Dry skin and hair, constipation, and digestive problems are some of the seniors’ most common signs of dehydration. Letting them drink plenty of water throughout the day can help prevent these issues from occurring in your senior loved one.

  • Incorporate fruits and veggies

    Fresh produce is the healthiest choice, but it can be expensive and sometimes hard to find. If your loved one has a limited budget, it may be necessary to pick up frozen or canned vegetables instead of fresh ones.

  • Consider the serving portion

    The portion size is essential—not just in terms of calories but also regarding the overall satisfaction your loved one gets from eating. Serve a good portion with varied foods rich in nutrients.

  • Make healthy eating fun

    One of the best elderly care is to help your loved one eat healthier is to making it fun. You can do this through various means, ranging from assisting them to prepare meals together to trying new recipes and different foods.

Assisting your senior loved one with their home care needs is vital in helping them maintain independence. If you’re looking for home care services for your loved one, look no further than Assist-Med, Inc.

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