Tips on Healthy Eating for Older Adults


As we become senior citizens, we’ll experience several things. For instance, at this point in our life, our metabolism slows down, meaning, we require fewer calories than in our younger years. Our body requires more particular nutrients as well. Read on to learn tips on how seniors can eat healthily, as recommended by healthcare professionals, such as those providing adult day care in Texas.

  • Understand what a healthy plate looks like.
    We may be familiar with the food pyramid. However, the USDA has just recently released a simpler way of helping us know the types of food we should consume daily, known as MyPlate. We may ask for assistance from our caregivers when it comes to the preparation of healthy meals.
  • Look for essential nutrients.
    Ensure that we consume various kinds of foods for us to obtain all the nutrients our body requires. A balanced and healthy meal should have lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.
  • Read the information on the nutrition facts label.
    The type of foods that are considered the healthiest is whole foods. These are usually located on the grocery store’s perimeter in the produce and dairy sections. When shopping for packaged foods, it’s highly recommended by health experts, including those offering home care services, that we read the nutrition facts label.
  • Follow recommended servings.
    To keep our weight, we need to consume the appropriate amount of food suitable for our age and body. The American Heart Association provides recommendations for daily servings for older adults aged 60 and above. We can ask for advice from healthcare professionals, such as those providing elderly care to help us get the right amount of food for us seniors.

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